Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Doctor Appointment Update

I had another doctor appointment again today, and nothing has really changed. Baby is still in the same position. My blood pressure, the baby's heartrate, etc. all continue to be good. My midwife is making me do nonstress tests (test where they monitor the baby's heartrate or 20 minutes) twice a week starting next week. I think this is being overly cautious but if it makes her feel better then fine. Risks for overdue babies do go up, but as I have stated before, I know from my research that babies really should not even be called overdue until 42 weeks, and as long as all my and the babies' vital signs look good, those risks don't really apply. But in the litigious atmosphere that health care professionals practice in now a days, they worry about the small percentage of complications that could possibly exist, even if that percentage is super small. The problem is that this attitude doesn't really help a pregnant women, or any patient for that matter, avoid anxiety and worry. I am not going to worry about Gizmo until I have a reason to. It has no clue what a due date is. I trust that my baby and my body will know when the time is right. I also trust that if anything does go wrong, my midwife will catch this and then we can deal with it when it happens. So the waiting and anticipation continues.

In other thoughts, for those people who have only or mostly seen me pregnant via the belly pictures I have been posting, I have heard comments of suprise over how big I am getting. However, I really haven't gained an extreme amount of weight. In fact, I have stayed within the 25-35 pound recommended weight gain for pregnant women. So, here's another point of reference for you. Below is a picture of me without showing my belly. See, I look pretty normal and not huge. Geeze people, I just have a belly with a full-term infant in it. The rest of me is still in pretty good shape. There, I'm done being defensive.

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Anonymous said...

Lesley, You look great, and even smiling 1 day after your due date:) You have a great attitude about being over due, I'm sure that will serve you well. With any luck maybe you are reading this after little "Gizmo's" arrival:)

Take care,
Sarah E