Monday, November 27, 2006

My First Day Alone With Nicky

Scott went back to work today. I hope he got enough sleep to make it through the day... But, Nicky and I did pretty well together, I think. He sure stayed awake and alert a lot today, so I hope that means he will sleep a bunch tonight. A girl can dream. Last night he did his usual "Its 4am but I think its the middle of the day" routine and got daddy to get up and play with him at 5am. Scott figured he might as well get up since he was going to get up in an hour anyway. This way he could get to work early. Nicky and I took a nap from 7-9:30am which helped me catch up on sleep. Then, when he slept again over noon hour, I actually got to eat lunch and take a shower! Now I just need to get all this laundry done... Well, at least I have it sorted into piles already. I revel in small accomplishments.

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