Monday, November 13, 2006

Rough Night

As those of you who read Scott's blog might already know, we had our first marathon session night last night. Nicky was up all night demanding to be fed over and over again, or at least that's what it seemed like he was asking for. He would only briefly fall asleep after eating, only to wake up fussing and crying and asking for more. Burping and snuggling him didn't seem to help. His feedings were shorter but not "snack size" as the nurses at the hospital described them (10 minutes or less). I don't know if he was gassy or if something I ate was not agreeing with him or what. Anyway, but 4:30am, I was running totally on fumes and at a loss. Scott took Nicky so I could try to sleep, which I finally managed to do a half hour later I think. Scott had to walk and rock and bounce him for an hour before he finally settled down. I awoke at about 9am to find them sleeping on the couch together. It was cute but mainly I was just relieved. Nicky woke shortly after and had a good long feeding but was fussy again afterward. So, I put him in a fabric sling carrier and after some protesting and walking around, he was finally lulled back to sleep. My only worry now is that he will sleep too long and will be up all night again. I'll have to wake him up soon here to feed him so he doesn't go too long between feedings. I hope the baby Gremlin does not not return this evening. Please pray for us on that! Luckily, Scott and I are staying calm thus far.

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