Sunday, November 05, 2006

Poor Scott - Mower Hell

Today Scott attempted to pick up the leaves on our lawn as well as give the lawn its last cutting of the season, the key word here being attempted. This summer when we bought the mower, he had decided he did not need the bagger because he usually just mulches the clippings and leaves them on the lawn. He forgot, though, that in the fall a bagger is useful in picking up all the darn leaves we have. So, last week he ordered a universal bagger attachment from Sears. Since the bagger is from Craftsman and so is the mower, it should fit, right? Well, either we are not smart enough to figure it out, or the bagger is not so universal! After hours of searching for owner's manuals, both of us staring at it and tinkering with it, and much cussing on Scott's part, it still isn't attached. This week is leaf and brush pick-up for our city so I guess we'll miss that. Oh well. I just hope we can eventually figure out how the bagger attaches to the mower.

Obviously, Gizmo is still not here. However, I have had many more contractions and some other signs that things might be moving along. I would go into more detail, but it might be TMI (too much information) for some people. But who knows. These things are hard to predict. I am just uplifted by the possibility that it could be days now instead of weeks away.

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