Monday, November 27, 2006

Too cute!

Scott beat me to it on this one and published this photo on his blog yesterday, but I just had to post it too for my friends who don't read his blog. We took Nicky to church yesterday and dressed him in his first outfit. Doesn't he look dashing? Thanks to my cousin Tyla - this outfit was part of her shower gift to me in June. Posted by Picasa


Lyle Snyder said...

When you getting the kid dunked?

And yes, he is too cute.

LesleyH said...

We're having him baptized this coming Sunday, Dec. 3rd. That's one reason why Scott's fam will be here.

Lyle Snyder said...


Yeah Baptism!!!!

Do you go to a church that sprinkles? Or one of those full immersion Catholic churches?

Keep on rockin'


LesleyH said...

Somewhere in between. Our church has a cool baptismal fountain so the priest holds the baby over the fountain and pours a good amount of the holy water on the baby's head and back into the fountain. Then he holds the child up for the whole congregation and sings a song to him or her.