Sunday, November 12, 2006

Our First Full Day at Home as a Family

Gosh how time flies when you are having fun - and are sleep deprived and busy and recovering physically. I so wanted to get on here and share all my thoughts (and pictures!) with you all sooner but baby Nicky and sleep and dozens of other things kept me away until now. This post will have to be shorter than I'd like, too, as I'm sure Nicky will call for a feeding sooner rather than later. I feel like such a milk machine, but I don't mind. I love spending time with him. I am feeling pretty good but am trying to take it easy so my body can recover from labor, carrying around that heavy baby, and the trauma to my bottom but we won't go into that fun stuff now. I'll just say that I am healing and feeling pretty good especially since Nicky gave us some extended hours of sleep this morning between feedings, and I took a nice nap with him this afternoon. Motherhood and life as a family is just great, and Scott, Nick, and I are all adjusting pretty well I think. The hospital and its staff were very nice, but it is nice to be home. Scott is being a wonderful house husband - he cooked supper last night, made a Walgreens run this morning, and did laundry today. I really haven't had to do anything but baby care (which he helps with as much as possible), sleep, and eat. However with half hour to hour long feedings and only a few hours if that between feedings, I am kept pretty busy anyway. Scott keeps encouraging me to do whatever else I want to by taking Nicky when he is sleeping or not needing to eat. Nick is a good baby who only cries when he needs something and even then it is not very loud. We are happily surprised by that because he was quite the fuss pants when he first was delivered. I think he was mad about being kicked out of his warm water home (remember, I induced him using natural methods so I could avoid a medical induction of labor). But, he has nicely mellowed since then. Speaking of inducing him because he was "late," he actually showed physical evidence of being a little early and not late at all. The midwife and nurses think maybe his due date was still wrong and he still had a week to go or something. However, I don't feel too bad about making him come sooner as his weight and head size were plenty just as they were! I will post another more detailed entry about labor and such another day for those who are interested. Anyway, Nicky loves to sleep and eat but also has neat periods of alertness where he stares in awe at anything and everything but mostly the ceiling since he really can't see anything but shades of black and white and gradations of light at this point. I fall in love with him more every day. I especially love his spiky dark hair. I wasn't expecting its color and amount at all and now it is one of my favorite things about him. Please enjoy a few more pictures below. I will try to organize more online photo albums in coming days and weeks that you can access via this blog, but please be patient with me. Coming sooner will be pictures of Nicky taken at the hospital and posted on their website. We had hoped his pic would be up today but no luck. Likely, it will be tomorrow. The link is to the right under Links and listed as Overland Park Hospital. But I will post a direct link to Nicky when I get notice that it is up. Also, thank you to everyone who sent email well wishes to us after we announced Nicky's birth. I love sharing our pride and joy with you especially since we are so far away from many of you. We wish you could be here with us.

Nicholas being weighed in the hospital

Rockstar Nicky as our nurse nicknamed him - his spiky dark hair has natural blonde highlights

Nicky and me upon arriving at home Saturday afternoon

How can you not love this little guy?!
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Byron said...

I thin the second pick looks like scottie. And your right how can you not love him. He is so cute i want to hug him and squeze those checks. Anyway I can in a couple weeks, but for now to bed I have class in the morning. Take care all.