Monday, August 28, 2006

Baby Update: Week 30

Hi everyone! Well, I just finished my 30th week of pregnancy and all continues to go well. Enjoy belly shots below. Yes, I am that big!! Baby is sitting low and all up front so my belly projects quite a bit. Check out the front view picture for what I believe to be the actual outline of my uterus popping through. As many people have previously commented, it looks like an egg. I am happy that Baby H. is putting on weight, and my midwife says my weight gain thus far is very good and completely normal, so I am trying to not worry or feel like a fat cow! Actually, I don't feel that big yet, but am slightly worried about just how big I will get in the next 10 weeks. I just read on one of my baby calendar websites that mother's weight gain actually starts to slow down in the last weeks even though baby continues to put on weight. That made me feel better.

I also got the results of my 3 hour blood glucose test at my doctor's appointment, and all is well on that front, too. No gestational diabetes for me. To explain further on the "old placenta" thing I mentioned after our last ultrasound, it means that the ultrasound showed the possible beginning of issues with blood flow in a portion of my placenta. This is not definitive, however, and I will have another sonogram in about 4 weeks just to check and make sure the placenta is properly nourishing the baby. I am really not worried about it as I have had absolutely no complications thus far. And if future problems are found, I will likely just be induced a bit early.

Scott and I have been busily preparing for the babe. Up next: painting the nursery. There is a paint sale this weekend so we will start then. Check out my next post for more details on nursery prep. We also went on 2 tours of area hospitals recently and decided on Overland Park Regional Medical Center. The deciding factor was their jacuzzi tubs - they don't do actual water births, but I hope to labor in the water to help with pain control. Next up, finding a pediatrician.

Friday, August 11, 2006

My baby's face

Scott & I had the coolest experience today. We had our second sonogram, and because our baby is 29 weeks along, the tech was able to use the 4D technology. For those of you who don't know already, it's called 4D because its a 3D image in real time so time counts as the 4th dimension. It's like watching a movie of your baby moving around in your belly. Super cool. Check out the pics below. Baby Huizenga is growing well and still on par for an end of October delievery. My placenta moved up so that's all good, but now a portion of my placenta is looking "old," whatever that means. So, I might get another sonogram later on. The baby's gender is still as identified in the first ultrasound. Baby was sleeping during the scan and had its hands up by its head, which was cute but did block our view of its profile at times. We tried to wake it up with a jingle bell, but it just moved its hands to shield its ears. (Excuse my use of the "it" but I am still trying to shield the gender from those who don't want to know:)

Any opinions on who the baby looks like? Please post a comment if you do! I think it has Scott's nose. And Scott thinks it has my lips. What do you think?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Royals suck, but it's still fun to watch them live

I love baseball. I guess that's what happens when you grow up with 2 brothers and a father who all watch baseball. Luckily, I didn't fall under the influence of their Cleveland Indian fandom or the prevailing Twin(kies) mentality up in ND. Now I cheer for the Atlanta Braves because Scott's enthusiasm for them was so infectious and they are a great team (or at least they were). When I moved to KC, I started to feel attached to the Royals because they are my home team now. But man, do they suck! They are the suckiest sucks that ever did suck. The funny thing is they have been improving somewhat as of late, while my beloved winners, the Braves, have lost it. They are now in the poop tank, too. Not only will they not be winning the pennant this year for the first time in a gazillion years (they won't even make the Wild Card), but Scott told me last night that their home record is worse than the Royals! I makes me sad to see Raphael Furcal and Greg Maddox light it up with the Dodgers, although I am happy for them.

Last night we saw another former Brave, Javi Lopez, play for the Boston Red Sox. I was more excited about seeing Big Papi as he is my favorite player. I am not a Sox fan, though. I love Ortiz but can't stand Ramirez and Crisp. I mean, come on, who is named Coco Crisp and doesn't get the crap beat out of him growing up? Anyway, the Royals actually pulled out a win last night! We only used 6 pitchers to do it (this is the usual pattern for them), and Burgos didn't blow it! See, miracles are possible. Of the 4 Royals games I've seen this year, this is the first one they've won. Scott & I have been on a baseball tear lately going to games last Friday, Saturday, and now last night. It's our anniversary gift to ourselves. Today makes 4 years of wedded bliss!! We decided not to go tonight as it's supposed to be over a 100 degrees again today and yesterday was only in the 90's:) Saturday when we went my feet swelled a bit, so I know I need to be careful and not overdo it. Also, the stadium does not allow bottles into the stadium which means I can't bring my own water in and they charge $4 for 20 oz.! Don't worry, I do take care of my child and shell out the moola for 1-2 bottles a game; I just hate paying that money for it.

So the Royals beat the Red Sox, and it was refreshing! I didn't have the usual feelings of apathy or disappointment that I usually have at the end of the game. Why do I torture myself so?! Like I said, I used to have winners in the Braves to retreat to when the Royals stunk too bad, but now there is really no retreat. The good news is that there is some optimism that the Royals will improve in the next few years due to some trades they made and some warming in their hitting. The Braves seem to be going down, though. Both need to work on their pitching big time! That's my 2 cents on baseball, America's pastime and mine. Oh, and the baby will be a baseball fan, whether he/she likes it or not!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Baby Update: Weeks 28 & 29

Week 28
As of tomorrow, Aug. 8th, I will be 29 weeks along and entering my third trimester! I went to my last doctor's appointment on Friday, July 28th, and took my blood glucose test that day. That's the test that makes sure you are processing sugars correctly and don't have gestational diabetes. Well, I just got the results today and I guess I was just above the cut-off score, so I have to go back next Monday and do the 3-hour follow-up test (the first took only 1 hour). I doubt I have gestational diabetes as my belly has actually been measuring small and most babies born to mothers with diabetes end up being larger than average. I will keep you posted, though. Much more fun will be our second ultrasound this Friday. This is to make sure my placenta is not too low and to check the bambino's measurements since I am measuring a week small (again!). Plus, we'll get to double-check the gender. I will post the sonogram pics this weekend so stay tuned!

North Dakota is beautiful in the summer - Our June trip back home

I have not been keeping this blog up too well in the last month. Believe me, it was a busy one, so I will try to bring you all up to speed. First, Scott & I traveled back to our home towns June 16th-26th for Scott's brother Byron's wedding as well as a baby shower my cousin Tyla put on for me. Although North Dakota is now feeling the same heat wave we are down in Kansas City, back in June the weather up there was perfect, except for some high winds on a few days. It was in the 70's and 80's with truly cool evenings (we don't get those in Kansas/Missouri past April or May). Scott & I joked that we should winter in KC and spend our summers in ND:) Here's a run-down of the events of our vacation:

My Shower

As I mentioned, my cousin, Tyla Wilson, threw me a lovely baby shower in Dickinson on June 17th. Many of my aunts, cousins, and friends from the area along with my mom, of course, made it. It was so wonderful to see everyone and share my excitement over my impending motherhood with them. I received many lovely gifts for which I am still writing thank you notes. I really need to get caught up! Thanks everyone - I promise the notes will be in the mail soon!

Byron & Becky's Wedding

Scott's little bro, Byron, married Becky Grant on June 24th. Scott was the best man. It was a lovely wedding complete with some of the best and most unique wedding music I've been privy to. Scott & Byron's father, Bob, sang a George Strait song (see Scott, I told you we should have asked him to sing for our wedding - I guess Byron has more guts than you!). And Byron, the diehard Guns 'N Roses fan, had 2 friends of his perform November Rain and very well I might add! I think I can safely say that all involved had lots of fun. I enjoyed meeting Becky's family who are a warm and friendly bunch. I also enjoyed seeing my best friend, Tiffanni Wax, who came all the way from Dickinson to spend more time with me as well as her sister, Terra, who lives in Minot. Terra brought her new baby girl, McKenna, to the wedding dance to visit me, and she is so precious!

So, it was a great vacation, other than the 28 hours of driving!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The end of my internship

Monday, July 31st at 5pm marked the end of a very important year in my life. It was the end of my internship at FSGC in Topeka, KS. It was a great year, but it is exciting to be done. Not only I am done with the second to last requirement for my Ph.D. degree, but it also leaves me free time now to focus on and prepare for my baby's arrival in a few months. I won't miss the long work hours and being away from my husband, but I will miss the kids and families I worked with, my wonderful co-workers, the many learning experiences, and the wonderful feeling my work brought me. I will very much miss my great friends and fellow interns, Molly and Trish. I already miss talking to them and sharing pregnancy woes with Trish who is also pregnant. I had so many mixed feelings at the end that I was teary on a regular basis, and it was not due soley to my pregnancy hormones. It really was a great year and I will miss so many of these people.

I was very touched when my thoughtful brother sent me a beautiful bouquet of lillies to congratulate me on my accomplishment. It meant so much to me that he realized how important this step was for me. My lovely husband also helped me celebrate by taking me out to dinner. It will be hard for me not to be working full time for the coming year, but I shouldn't complain! I took the rest of last week off by giving myself a mini-vacation. Now it's on to baby prep and more dissertation work!