Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving! Nicky is 2 Weeks Old

Sorry for the delay between posts. My parents and brothers have been visiting since Sunday. Daren left tonight and my parents and Dusty leave bright and early tomorrow morning. We will miss them. We've had a good time visiting so I haven't had much computer time. But here is a quick recap of what's happened since last Friday:

  • Nicky had his first pediatrician visit on Monday. He is now 8 lbs. 10 oz. and 21.5 inches long. That means he gained back the ounces he lost in the hospital plus 7 more ounces in just a week and a half! I'm not suprised because the boy can eat. He also stretched out 1.5 inches from his first length measurement in the hospital. He still likes to curl up and tuck his legs under himself like a little frog when he lies on people's bellies, though.
  • Scott took his first turn at babysitting while Mom was away. I went for a haircut and highlight on Saturday and was gone for 2 hours. Nicky was a sweety and slept the whole time I was away. I was thankful because I really needed that - my hair grew a bunch in the last weeks of pregnancy and I swear it got darker after I gave birth.
  • Grandma and Grandpa Laub and Uncle Dusty arrived Sunday afternoon. Grandma Kathy chatted Nicky up, and Grandpa Alfred had the touch for calming Nicky down and burping him. Uncle Daren arrived Monday evening. Both uncles enjoyed holding Nicky.
  • The house across the street and one house down from ours got robbed on Monday morning (in broad daylight) while we were at home. I guess the burglar broke the window in the front door and walked on in. We felt bad because we had the shades drawn and did not hear a thing. Crime is rare in our neighborhood, but its not cool to have it so close.
  • Grandpa Alfred cooked the Thanksgiving turkey with assistance from Grandma Kathy and myself on the side dishes. It was a yummy meal. Scott & Daren attended the Chiefs football game later that evening and joined in the roar of the crowd as the Chiefs beat the Broncos.
  • Uncle Daren missed his 6:45am flight this morning (was just a few minutes late getting to the airport), but was rebooked on the 7pm flight and made that one:)
  • Nicky was visited by David Mitchell and Beth Allin today, friends of ours who just recently moved to Chicago.

That's about it. Enjoy a few photos:

The whole Laub clan

David & Beth with Nicky
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