Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween! Still No Gizmo

Happy Halloween everyone! And a big Happy Birthday to my brother, Daren, who is 27 today. Today is Gizmo's due date, but unfortunately, it looks like s/he does not want to be a goblin baby. It still seems content in my belly. I guess it has just under 10 hours to change its mind, but if so, it had better hurry up! Or else, Gizmo will be a November baby.

In anticipating that my baby could be born before or on Halloween, I did not know what to do about dressing it up if it did arrive by this date. So, I bought a Halloween sleeper at a rummage sale just in case figuring it was not a big waste if Gizmo could not wear it in time. So, we will all just have to use our imaginations instead, as Gizmo will not be sporting the cute sleeper. Instead, I guess we can imagine Gizmo as it was in the Gremlins movie, dressed up as Rambo. If nothing else, it makes me laugh. Please, Gizmo, come soon.

Gizmo as Rambo

Gizmo's unused Halloween sleeper

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Trish & Rob said...

Hey - maybe Gizmo wants to share a birthday with Rob...on November 4th!!! :)

Byron said...

I hope you realize that Gizmo is going to stick forever now. That will be the nickname for life. It is cute though.