Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another Mellow Day

Scott & I had a lazy Saturday. We stayed up late last night watching the movie Click on DVD (great movie!), then slept in this morning. In the afternoon, we went to our local deli for lunch, and Scott got a haircut at the barbershop. Then, we watched another movie, Clerks - we are finally taking advantage of our Netflix subscription again. We've enjoyed our lackadaisical day.

I had hoped Gizmo might come today for a few reasons. First of all, it is our friend Rob Miller's birthday today. Happy Birthday Rob!! He and his wife, Trish, welcomed their daughter, Olivia, into the world on September 9th which is my dad's birthday, so I thought if Gizmo was born on Rob's birthday that would be a neat coincidence. Also, Nov. 4th of 1995 is when Scott & I first started dating, so today marks the 11th anniversary of our relationship. But, once again, Gizmo is in no hurry.

When Gizmo does arrive, you will all receive an announcement email. We already have the email address list drafted, and Scott will send it out on his Blackberry phone soon after the birth. Details will also be posted on our blogs once we get home from the hospital. So we have our plans, but Gizmo follows no plan.


Trish & Rob said...

Bummer - I guess Gizmo wants a day all to her/himself, huh?! It'll be a special, well-remembered day! :) We can't wait to receive your news! I can't believe our due dates were one month apart and our babies will be more than 2 months different in age now! Hang in there, Huizenga's! ANY day now your masterpiece will arrive!

LesleyH said...


Hey, Gizmo has five more days to work with before s/he is more than 2 months younger than Olivia! We'll have to see what happens.

Trish & Rob said...

Well, I guess if you go by the date of the 9th. If you go by weeks, though...Olivia just turned 8 weeks. :) I never know what to go by...weeks, months, whatever. I'm new to all of this stuff. Be prepared to always have your baby's age at the tip of your tongue though - we don't get out of any store these days without at least one person asking! :)