Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gizmo Passed Its Test

Well, looks like Gizmo does not want to be an election baby. That suprised me because I thought it would be like its dad and be all into the politics. Also, I had another bout of false labor early this morning and was hoping that as the day progressed, it would develop into true active labor. But no luck there. My contractions were 7 minutes apart again from 5am-6am this morning, but once I got up, they dwindled off. So, Scott & I went and voted, then went and ate breakfast, and then went to my doctor's appointment. My midwife checked me and everything is the same and still fine with me and Gizmo. Then, because I am now past the 41 week mark, she had me do a non-stress test. Its a pretty simple thing where they hook you up to the monitor just like they do at the hospital with the two elastic belts with two electrodes that monitor uternine activity and the baby's heartbeat. They are looking to see if baby's hearrate goes up (called "positive accelerations") when it moves or you have a contraction. I knew Gizmo would pass because it is always moving when it is awake. It did indeed pass with flying colors. My midwife also commented that that my uterus was "irritable" as shown on the monitors. I could have told you that. I've had a bunch of contractions and lots of general tighting and soreness. Now, I have to go back again on Thursday if Gizmo doesn't show up tomorrow and have a biophysical profile test. That is basically a detailed ultrasound where they look at a number of things to make sure baby is healthy and safe including: baby's heartrate, baby's breathing, baby's size, the amount of amniotic fluid, and the functioning of the placenta. I don't think I will get any pictures out of it, but I will let you all know what the results are. If anything looks problematic, my midwife will probably choose to induce me on Friday. If all looks good, I can keep going until next Tuesday (which would be 42 weeks). After that, the medical staff gets pretty nervous about the risks of still birth and other complications, because even though they are still low, they don't want to risk the higher possibilities that come with truly overdue babies. So, I am thinking that if I am not induced on Friday, I might be induced next Tuesday. This is all contingent, of course, on if Gizmo wants to finally get going and make the decisions for us. That would be nice.

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