Monday, October 23, 2006

A Note of Positivity

My friend Becca recently emailed me and told me that my previous post on the downfalls of pregnancy sleep may have just cured her baby fever for now. Becca is such a positive person (right, Fluff Cloud:) that I felt guilty leaving her with such an unbalanced view of pregnancy. I do feel that most people don't tell you all of what pregnancy really is like, but there is no point focusing on all of the negatives to the exclusion of the positives, either. I feel as though my pregnancy has gone quite well, and there is much about it that I have really enjoyed. So, in the interests of education, here are some of the many positives of pregnancy:

  • Food tastes amazing. I am talking just about every food-type item here. Even cafeteria canned veggies like peas taste fresh picked and yummy, especially when I'm super hungry. I will miss this greatly.
  • Nausea is not a given. I haven't had any nausea this whole pregnancy, and both I and the baby have been perfectly healthy, nonetheless.
  • Overall, my energy has been pretty good. Yes, I have had a few day spurts here and there of fatigue, and I enjoy a nap if the previous night's sleep was sub-par, but overall I have felt really good and pretty much normal energy-wise.
  • Mood swings are not an automatic, either. I think I have had less mood swings during this pregnancy than caused in my past by hormone-related changes in my body. Thanks, baby, for keeping Mommy's hormones nice and balanced and mellow. I really like myself and how I have handled all the changes that have come with pregnancy.
  • Although bizarre, all the changes to your body can actually be quite cool. Like I just said, I am proud of myself right now, and that includes pride that my body has been able to nurture and grow this child so nicely. I think my belly is kind of neat looking, especially when a little hand or foot presses out. And although the rest of my body has changed in lots of ways, it still is and feels like me.
  • Buying baby stuff is fun! I hate to sound like the stereotypical woman who is shopping obsessed, but baby stuff is so darn cute. I would much rather shop for a baby than for myself.
  • Most people, including strangers, are really nice to you. They smile at you, ask about the baby, offer to help you, and most don't touch your stomach without asking. People have been very polite yet quite enthusiastic.
  • It has brought Scott & me even closer. It is a great bonding time for us, and I just love having him to share it with. I love seeing his excitement, wonder, and awe, even his denial and anxiety over Gizmo. He has kept the humor present for the whole experience, which is helpful for keeping things normal around here. I can't wait to see him as a father! I know he will be great.
  • I have enjoyed being able to focus on and take care of myself a bit. I am cherishing this special time and am really trying to enjoy it. I have not read so much (outside of school) in years, and it is so nice. Granted, most of the these have been pregnancy and baby books, but I still consider it pleasure reading.
  • The bonding experience with my baby, this new and growing human being who I have not even been able to meet face to face yet, is life-changing. It is hard to imagine how you can love someone you can only partially feel but can not see, hear, or touch yet, but it happens. And now as Gizmo's birth draws near, I eagerly anticipate bonding with baby on every other level as well.

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Trish & Rob said...

I totally agree with everything, Lesley...I especially agree with your comment about how other people treat pregnant women. It's so neat to see people go out of their way to hold a door or ask if you need help. If only everyone could be like that to everyone else ALL the time! :)