Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gizmo Has the Hiccups - Quite Often

Poor Gizmo. Baby hadn't had hiccups, that I know of, until the last few weeks. Now Gizmo seems to have them every evening, sometimes multiple different times during the day and night. I can tell its hiccups because they feel like little punches, but they are very rhythmic and steady. They are pretty strong considering Gizmo is hiccupping liquid, not air, and how small s/he still is. Hope Gizmo doesn't have hiccups this often once s/he is born!


Trish & Rob said...

I know what you mean...Olivia had the hiccups a lot at the end of my pregnancy, too. Unfortunately, it hasn't ended yet - and she's over a month old. She gets the hiccups randomly, but almost all the time after she eats. Poor girl. I hope Gizmo has better luck!!! :)

Trish & Rob said...

Poor Gizmo. Olivia also had the hiccups a lot at the end of my pregnancy, and sorry to say - she still hasn't gotten rid of having them so often. She gets them randomly, except after she eats - when she almost always gets them...and she's over a month old. I'll hope Gizmo has better luck! :)