Monday, October 09, 2006

36 Weeks: Gizmo Has Found My Ribs!

I seem to have jinxed myself in a previous post by stating that the baby had not reached my ribs and likely wouldn't since it has now dropped. Well, Gizmo is growing lots and has, in fact, reached my lower rib cage. The baby tends to favor my right side, so it likes to poke my right ribs with its little feet. Let me tell you, its not fun! I am so lucky I am tall and only have to endure this for a few weeks! Gizmo just keeps putting on the ouces and lengthening, and it is definitly papable now from the outside of my belly. When it sleeps, it likes to curl up into a tight fetal position, so Scott & I have taken to calling it "Lump" at those times (shout out to The President of the United of America fans - they're a music band... nevermind). Gizmo, much like its father, sleeps hard and does not wake up easily. Let's hope this continues after the baby is born!

On my end, things are going pretty well. I can't believe I only have 3 weeks left til my due date as of tomorrow! My sleep in variable. Some nights are good, some aren't. There are always multiple trips to the bathroom. But my energy is decent, and I still feel good. I still can't believe that my stomach projects as much as it does when I look at my profile (see pic below), but as my lactation consultant commented, I am all uterus. Other mothers tell me I look great and can't believe I am in my 9th month. During our visit to the local barbershop for Scott's haircut on Saturday, his hairdresser couldn't believe I was even pregnant - so I stood up and showed that I was very noticably so! I guess its not so bad to be able to cover it up a bit when sitting and placing my purse in my lap to obscure the belly view:) Scott & I are both getting excited and anxious for Gizmo's arrival. It won't be long now!

36 weeks - Front View

36 weeks - Side View
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