Monday, October 16, 2006

Searching for Tunes

Today I spent quite a few hours putting together a Playlist of songs to listen to on our MP3 player during labor and the delivery of our child. Since it might take quite awhile, I have a pretty long list of songs going here. It is supposed to be for relaxation, but if I am like the majority of women who find labor quite painful, I figure I'll want to listen to music I like to distract me and to make the overall environment more enjoyable. I hope its not like food aversion where if you get sick eating a certain food, you don't want to eat it again for a long time. I doubt I will become negatively conditioned to these songs, however, because in the end of this long journey I will get the wonderful prize of my new baby. I am choosing mainly slower, mellow songs, but if its a more upbeat song that I like, I will add it, too. If you have any suggestions for songs to add, please comment on this post or email me! Thanks!

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