Saturday, October 21, 2006

When Will Gizmo Arrive?

Gizmo may come soon, or s/he may not. But, I did get an interesting update on my status from my midwife at my appointment yesterday. She checked me because I told her I was pretty sure I was dialating further and the baby was getting even lower. She confirmed this. Baby is at -1 station, and I am 3cm dialated and 75% effaced! I am excited because that is work that my body has completed with little discomfort, and I am that much closer to delivery. My body and the baby have slowly been making movements. I don't know if things will continue to progress slowly or if the regular strong contractions of Second Stage Labor will start soon. I have had many contractions already and they have gotten a bit stronger, but they are not regular nor close together yet. I still experience them as mainly pressure or tightness in my abdomen. I feel lucky that the process has been gentle so far. Some women experience a lot of pain just getting to 3cm. Also, because of my progress, if I had to have my labor induced for some reason at this point it would likely work, so my chances of needing a C-section due to failure to progress are highly diminished. So, please pray for me that the remainder of my labor and birth will be as comfortable, smooth, and complication-free as possible.

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