Monday, August 28, 2006

Baby Update: Week 30

Hi everyone! Well, I just finished my 30th week of pregnancy and all continues to go well. Enjoy belly shots below. Yes, I am that big!! Baby is sitting low and all up front so my belly projects quite a bit. Check out the front view picture for what I believe to be the actual outline of my uterus popping through. As many people have previously commented, it looks like an egg. I am happy that Baby H. is putting on weight, and my midwife says my weight gain thus far is very good and completely normal, so I am trying to not worry or feel like a fat cow! Actually, I don't feel that big yet, but am slightly worried about just how big I will get in the next 10 weeks. I just read on one of my baby calendar websites that mother's weight gain actually starts to slow down in the last weeks even though baby continues to put on weight. That made me feel better.

I also got the results of my 3 hour blood glucose test at my doctor's appointment, and all is well on that front, too. No gestational diabetes for me. To explain further on the "old placenta" thing I mentioned after our last ultrasound, it means that the ultrasound showed the possible beginning of issues with blood flow in a portion of my placenta. This is not definitive, however, and I will have another sonogram in about 4 weeks just to check and make sure the placenta is properly nourishing the baby. I am really not worried about it as I have had absolutely no complications thus far. And if future problems are found, I will likely just be induced a bit early.

Scott and I have been busily preparing for the babe. Up next: painting the nursery. There is a paint sale this weekend so we will start then. Check out my next post for more details on nursery prep. We also went on 2 tours of area hospitals recently and decided on Overland Park Regional Medical Center. The deciding factor was their jacuzzi tubs - they don't do actual water births, but I hope to labor in the water to help with pain control. Next up, finding a pediatrician.

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Lyle Snyder said...

Looking good Leslie. Keep up the hard work!