Friday, August 11, 2006

My baby's face

Scott & I had the coolest experience today. We had our second sonogram, and because our baby is 29 weeks along, the tech was able to use the 4D technology. For those of you who don't know already, it's called 4D because its a 3D image in real time so time counts as the 4th dimension. It's like watching a movie of your baby moving around in your belly. Super cool. Check out the pics below. Baby Huizenga is growing well and still on par for an end of October delievery. My placenta moved up so that's all good, but now a portion of my placenta is looking "old," whatever that means. So, I might get another sonogram later on. The baby's gender is still as identified in the first ultrasound. Baby was sleeping during the scan and had its hands up by its head, which was cute but did block our view of its profile at times. We tried to wake it up with a jingle bell, but it just moved its hands to shield its ears. (Excuse my use of the "it" but I am still trying to shield the gender from those who don't want to know:)

Any opinions on who the baby looks like? Please post a comment if you do! I think it has Scott's nose. And Scott thinks it has my lips. What do you think?

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