Sunday, September 17, 2006

Week 32 - a little late

Okay, so this post was due a week and a half ago, but oh well. Scott & I both have colds so we are a bit under the weather. Nothing too exciting occurred over the last week or two, but we did make many baby-related purchases to prepare for the little one's arrival in just about 6 weeks (give or take a week or two). I will be 34 weeks along as of Monday, but the picture below is my 32 week pic. Anyway, back to the shopping: I made some purchases during the baby sales going on at all the big box stores last week to round off our preparations including the diaper pail, bathtub, highchair, diapers, and other baby toiletries. We also finally got our stroller and carseat. Some baskets for the changing table, a quilt rack to hang the baby quilt above the crib, and a camcorder arrived by mail. I think we are broke now, if we weren't before! We haven't had time to try out the camcorder yet but hope to soon. We researched it quite a bit to find one of the best quality at the cheapest price (sounds like Scott and me, huh?) and settled on the Panasonic GS180 miniDV. It is so small!! Hope it fits our needs.

Other than shopping, we have been educating ourselves. We started childbirth classes on Wednesday, Sept. 6th and continue those every Wednesday evening for 5 weeks. We also took a breastfeeding course on Saturday (3 1/2 hours - who knew it was so complicated? It was a very informative class!). We have also decided we would like to have a doula for our birth since we are both novices at this and I want to try for the natural childbirth thing. The doula is basically a birthing support person. I have no problem learning from someone with experience! The doula will help me with my relaxation techniques and by acting as my advocate by helping me and my health care providers follow my birth plan. So, we have interviewed one doula and still have 2 interviews to go. Also, we finally found a pediatrician. Her name is Dr. Mary Jo Flint, and get this - she is a North Dakota native from Grand Forks and she is a fellow UND alumnus!! Go Sioux.

Stay tuned later this week for our 3rd set of sonogram pics. We are doing another follow up ultrasound on Friday to recheck my placenta, but I am really looking forward to the pictures of baby! I will also post another picture of "the belly."

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