Monday, August 07, 2006

North Dakota is beautiful in the summer - Our June trip back home

I have not been keeping this blog up too well in the last month. Believe me, it was a busy one, so I will try to bring you all up to speed. First, Scott & I traveled back to our home towns June 16th-26th for Scott's brother Byron's wedding as well as a baby shower my cousin Tyla put on for me. Although North Dakota is now feeling the same heat wave we are down in Kansas City, back in June the weather up there was perfect, except for some high winds on a few days. It was in the 70's and 80's with truly cool evenings (we don't get those in Kansas/Missouri past April or May). Scott & I joked that we should winter in KC and spend our summers in ND:) Here's a run-down of the events of our vacation:

My Shower

As I mentioned, my cousin, Tyla Wilson, threw me a lovely baby shower in Dickinson on June 17th. Many of my aunts, cousins, and friends from the area along with my mom, of course, made it. It was so wonderful to see everyone and share my excitement over my impending motherhood with them. I received many lovely gifts for which I am still writing thank you notes. I really need to get caught up! Thanks everyone - I promise the notes will be in the mail soon!

Byron & Becky's Wedding

Scott's little bro, Byron, married Becky Grant on June 24th. Scott was the best man. It was a lovely wedding complete with some of the best and most unique wedding music I've been privy to. Scott & Byron's father, Bob, sang a George Strait song (see Scott, I told you we should have asked him to sing for our wedding - I guess Byron has more guts than you!). And Byron, the diehard Guns 'N Roses fan, had 2 friends of his perform November Rain and very well I might add! I think I can safely say that all involved had lots of fun. I enjoyed meeting Becky's family who are a warm and friendly bunch. I also enjoyed seeing my best friend, Tiffanni Wax, who came all the way from Dickinson to spend more time with me as well as her sister, Terra, who lives in Minot. Terra brought her new baby girl, McKenna, to the wedding dance to visit me, and she is so precious!

So, it was a great vacation, other than the 28 hours of driving!

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