Monday, August 07, 2006

Baby Update: Weeks 28 & 29

Week 28
As of tomorrow, Aug. 8th, I will be 29 weeks along and entering my third trimester! I went to my last doctor's appointment on Friday, July 28th, and took my blood glucose test that day. That's the test that makes sure you are processing sugars correctly and don't have gestational diabetes. Well, I just got the results today and I guess I was just above the cut-off score, so I have to go back next Monday and do the 3-hour follow-up test (the first took only 1 hour). I doubt I have gestational diabetes as my belly has actually been measuring small and most babies born to mothers with diabetes end up being larger than average. I will keep you posted, though. Much more fun will be our second ultrasound this Friday. This is to make sure my placenta is not too low and to check the bambino's measurements since I am measuring a week small (again!). Plus, we'll get to double-check the gender. I will post the sonogram pics this weekend so stay tuned!

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