Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Shoes and Other Excitement

Last night I did a little Internet shopping. As some of you might know, I have super narrow feet so I have to special order all my shoes. I can't go to a regular shoe store:( So, there is this pair of shoes that I have been eyeing online for a month that I love but they're $90 - my shoes are always extra expensive but I hate to pay that kind of money. Yes, I am cheap. Anyway, see the pic below. I like them because they are similar to tennis shoes so they should be comfortable, but they aren't too sporty and are casual enough to wear everyday with almost anything. Plus I just like how they look. I was hoping they'd go on sale, which they did, but at that point the ones in my size were gone. I've been searching the other online shoe stores since then to see if I could find them cheaper. Last night I finally found them on sale for $80 plus I had a code for $10 off. And then before I checked out I found out I got another 10% for registering with the website, so the final total for my $90 pair of shoes was $64!! I love saving money!! I like shoes, too:)

I'm also excited because my brother Daren is coming to visit in a week over Mother's Day and my birthday. I am excited to see him and for him to see Nicky again. It should be fun! And yes, my birthday is coming up on May 14th, but the yucky part is that its my 30th birthday. Dang, I'm getting old. But it will be cool to have my first Mother's Day on Sunday the 13th followed by my 30th birthday the very next day and be able to share both with Nicky, Scott, and Daren.

Lastly, despite my first playgroup never getting off the ground (the kiddo hosting the group got sick the day before its first meeting so it had to be canceled and it just hasn't been rescheduled since), I've finally found another parenting group to join. Its the Kansas City Attachment Parenting group, and I joined because the attachment parenting philosophy matches my parenting style and philosophy very well so I know I'd find like-minded parents there. The KCAP group has an online discussion board (which is nice for when I'm at home with Nicky) but also many meet-ups and activities. I went to a playgroup last Wednesday which was very fun. There was even one little girl there that was a few weeks older than Nicky and just as big as him. Both and I and the other mom enjoyed that fact. This week the group was canceled (due to illness again) but I hope to attend regularly each week. I'm also going to try to go the Mom's Night Out tonight where a bunch of the moms meet at a restaurant once a month. Its sure nice to have a social life again! Only problem is I'm a bit quiet and sometimes shy in big groups, but I'm sure that given time I will warm up and make some friends. So far, everyone I've met has been very nice. I'm already looking forward to the Spring Party they're having this Sunday as well as a big Fourth of July party that's already planned. Now if I can just get Scott on board, the scrooge:)


Rob, Trish, & Olivia said...

Have you tried at all? I'm not sure if they sell the specialty shoes you need, but it's worth a try. They always have great deals. We've purchased from them a few times now - usually after we find a pair of shoes somewhere else and then the price is lower on their site! Good luck! Glad you saved some dough!!!! :) Sorry to hear about the crime near you. There was recently a bout of home robberies in the neighborhood next to ours. Scary world, this is, unfortunately.

LesleyH said...

Actually, I made this exact purchase with!! Hence the low price! I agree that they seem to have the lowest prices. Sorry to hear that crime is hitting close to home for you, too. Hope we all manage to avoid it personally.