Friday, January 12, 2007

Baby Product Ratings: Our Power Plus Swing

My friend Trish and I were recently discussing the numerous gadgets and gizmos we've bought for our infants (here daughter Olivia is 4 months old) and what we think of all of them. We agreed that the product reviews by other parents for these items were very helpful and we'd likely add our own reviews to sites like and such that offer the option of reviewing products. She just loves the baby swing she bought, the Fisher Price Papasan Swing. It has a nice cushy seat and Olivia always looks so comfortable in it from the pictures I've seen on their blog. I, on the otherhand, would rate our swing only so-so. It is the Fisher Price Power Plus model, and the selling feature for me was that it plugs into the wall instead of solely running on batteries. I also liked its lower price tag, its neutral color scheme, and the music it played. My main problem with it has been that it didn't really fit Nicky when he was a newborn, and that kid was not small either then or now. The seat reclines in 3 different positions (none of which recline very far) but the seat is neither cushioned very well nor sized appropriately for a newborn. Nicky slumps over when he falls asleep in the swing which is most of the time. He is now big enough that he fills out more of the seat, but his head still nods to one side. When he was a new guy, his whole body slumped over and it did not look comfortable at all! I figure by the time he completely fills out the swing, he'll probably be about done with it. Also, I wish the mobile that comes with it would move. It is stationary and doesn't rotate. Finally, it only moves back-and-forth like a regular swing, while the papasan models also swing side-to-side.

So, I kept telling myself that at least this thing plugged into the wall - an option that no other swing had last year. Well now I see on that the new models of the papason chair also plug into the wall! So, if Nicky had been born just a few months later, I might have been able to get the nice pillow-seat swing with the cool mobile that also plugs into the wall. It also has this weird new feature where it projects a light show onto the sheer canopy that covers the swing - that might be cool. For those of you who are currently pregnant or hope to be soon and are in the market to buy a new swing. Go with the new Starlight or Butterfly Garden Papsan Swing or for a bit less money, there's the very similar Rainforest Cradle Swing which also plugs into the wall but has the same plush seat and both back-and-forth and side-to-side motion. Yes, these are the top of the line and most expensive swings, but they are worth it!

Nicky in his swing today

Olivia enjoying her swing

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