Friday, December 22, 2006

My Gift Wishlist

My brother-in-law, Byron, and I were talking recently about how buying Christmas gifts can get really lame and lose its meaning at times. I buy you something that you told me to buy for X dollars and I buy you something for the same amount that you told me to buy. There is no suprise. The even bigger trouble is that most of the time people can't even think of what they want, anyway. I mean, there are pleanty of silly things I would like but would never buy myself, but when it comes to thinking of them when put on the spot, I usually can't. If it gets really bad, we often resort to buying giftcards or giving money. These are just fine, but it takes the fun out of it when its out of desperation or when the suprise is taken out of it. For that reason, Scott & I have talked about keeping a list of gift ideas for eachother, since after 11 years of being together, we are out of creative ideas and tend to repeat them. After talking to Byron, I thought, why not keep a list on my blog so Scott and maybe my family can draw from it. Its probably too late for this Christmas, but that's okay. Now he will have ideas for my birthday:)

1. Clothes - nothing fits since I had the baby
2. Graco iMonitor baby monitor
3. Hotsling baby sling, size 3
4. Bodyshop Almond Collection namely the body butter, body scrub, and lotion
5. Books, namely childrearing books from Dr. Sears
My Wish List
6. Land's End Do-All diaper bag in red with Huizenga embroidered on it
7. Jewelry armoire or box with space to hang my necklaces
8. Lemonade maker
9. Attachments for my Kitchenaid mixer
10. Ice cream maker

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