Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And Nicky Sleeps

Just a quick note for today, especially after that gargantuan post yesterday. Actually, it took me the whole last month to write that thing so... Check out the cool comment to that post from a doula in Canada. Its so neat to think that my random thoughts are being read by people around the world, and some might actually be doing some good.

Anyway, Nicky and I had a good day today; this after a busy, tiring day yesterday. Yesterday we went to the chiropractor, ran errands around town, and then went to Sears with Scott for Nicky's first portraits (can I please say that I can't take a picture myself to save my life - I am not photogenic). It was exhausting. Especially since Nicky had had a bad night the night before and kept me up. So, today, Nicky and I slept in. It was great. Then I swaddled him this afternoon when he kept waking himself up when he flailed his limbs due to his gassiness issues. I forgot how well swaddling worked. He has been sleeping for almost too long now so I hope he wakes up soon. Or else we might have a repeat of the night before last.

Here are some pics of both alert and asleep Nicky.

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