Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another reason HFCS must go!

Well, now HFCS has been found to be contaminated with mercury. Wonderful! Like the junk wasn't problemsome enough before?! Ok, I guess if avoiding diabetes and obesity weren't enough motivation for people to avoid this junk, maybe this will do it. And maybe, just maybe, the outcry will get the food companies to start taking it out of the myriads and myriads of food products its in right now. I can wish...

Anyway, check out the article on it on The Ethicurean.

And thanks, Chelsea, for sharing the article with me!


Anonymous said...

Here in Texas, you can buy coca-cola from Mexico, where it is made with actual sugar - it is amazing how different the taste is.

LesleyH said...

Yep, I've had the Mexican Doctor Pepper before. A friend brought it back from Texas. It tastes different, not necessarily better, but I hear you get used to the taste difference. Anyway, I'd rather drink a not-so-sweet soda occasionally (since I don't think soda very often as it is) and not have to deal with HFCS and mercury!