Saturday, March 08, 2008

Great Breastfeeding Videos

I read a breastfeeding book and took a breastfeeding class before Nicky was born, but there were still things I struggled with. I guess sometimes you need more visual demonstrations or personal examples to follow:) I wish I had known more about breastfeeding on your side in bed as well as ways to make breastfeeding in public comfortable before he was born. For example, when Nicky was a few weeks old, my in-laws were visiting and we all went to the mall. In the middle of shopping, Nicky needed to nurse while we were in JC Penney's. It took me forever to find a dressing room with a bench in it to sit down so I could nurse. Lucking, my mother-in-law helped me find a free dressing room across the store while I was waiting in line for another. Hungry babies don't like to wait! I have also nursed in restrooms before, but I absolutely hate it! They are dirty and loud and unsanitary - I would never eat in one so why should a baby? I have had my pants or shirt get wet from slipping into the toilet, those toilet seats are super uncomfortable to sit on and there is nothing to support your back or arms, and the toilets flushing freaked Nicky out to no end! I am so glad I have grown enough of a backbone to look for other places to nurse first besides bathrooms.

As far as breastfeeding on my side, positioning is key I learned. That and pillows. Lots and lots of pillows. You need them all around you (under head, between your legs, etc.) but especially behind your back to support you in the right position. If you try to go without these pillows, your back will pay for it. Not a good idea. The C-shaped pregnancy pillow I had worked well for this, too. Side-nursing is an important skill to learn ASAP, though, because it will save you sleep. You simply have to roll over to find the baby or sometimes not even that, and you can doze through the feeding, thus saving yourself some sleep. Its so much better than sitting up to nurse or having to wake up completely and tromp down the hall to feed the kiddo. These videos address these topics. Hope they help some first-time moms out there.

VideoJug: Tips For Breastfeeding In Public

VideoJug: Public Breastfeeding And The Law

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