Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stone Soup Comics on Breastfeeding

1. Thanks Stone Soup for depicting breastfeeding in a normal, everday light since that's what it is, normal and everyday.
2. Most states have laws that protect breastfeeding in public and private places (anywhere a mom can be, she can breastfeed) to protect moms from breastfeeding discrimination (see here). Note, North Dakota is not one of these states (Grrrr), so if I ever move back, guess what I'll be lobbying for :)
3. If the baby bites, time to delatch quick-like and tell the baby "That hurts Mama." You gotta detach every time they bite so they get the picture - I bite and milk goes away. They learn quick and biting ceases to be a major issue. Every now and then it will pop up again, like when a new tooth pops through, but you simply repeat the procedure. One mom I know who only lasted a month breastfeeding before switching to formula commented that a friend of ours was "taking her life in her hands" by nursing her 2 year old because of the teeth. I almost laughed out loud at her. I simply told her the above and said it was no big deal. My life is safe:) Maybe things will go more smoothly for her with her next child and breastfeeding and she'll remember what I said.

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