Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fantasy Football and Other Random Thoughts

Hello everyone. Holy c*#p, Nicky turns 1 tomorrow! Where did the year go? My baby is gonna be a toddler. Wow. I could go on, but you get the gist.

Fantasy football. Why haven't I been talking about it you ask? Because I didn't want to jinx myself. No, I didn't suck it up:) I actually have been doing very well. I have a record of 9-0!!! I am the only undefeated team left in our league. So, aren't I jinxing myself now by talking about it now? Well, I might be, but with my win this last week, I have clinched a spot in the playoffs!! Yeah for me! Actually, my brother, Dusty, has helped me with lineups and such quite a bit so he deserve a bunch of the credit. Anyway, if I end up losing in the first round of the playoffs like Scott & I have been joking might happen, it is all this dang blog's fault! Keep your fingers crossed for me though. I am also very happy with the fact that the top 4 players in our 12 person league are female:) Go girls! I still think fantasy football is evil though. That has not changed. But, I might make some money out of this evil pastime. At least I hope so!

I am busy this week with getting ready for Nicky's party on Sunday. I am cleaning and running errands, plus Nicky has a doctor appointment tomorrow. Scott & I still need to buy him some presents. We do have one so far. Nicky's already got a few cards and presents in the mail. Thanks UPS, Fedex, and USPS men! Nicky's party is going to have a monkey theme. I just got all the supplies from Oriental Trading Company in the mail today (Edit - I thought I got that package today but it was actually another birthday present for Nicky. Turns out my party supplies might not get here in time or so says the tracking information from the company. Oh man, I'm gonna be pissed off it that happens!! Let's hope they are wrong). What's with all the monkey stuff you ask? Yes, he was a monkey for Halloween, too. Well, he is a crazy little monkey and we call him that all the time, so why not? Plus I found a recipe online for a sorta healthier banana birthday cake recipe that looks like a monkey head! So cute. I'll post pics of my version of it on Sunday. My only issue now is that I don't want to do chocolate frosting to give the monkey brown fur because chocolate is not baby-friendly and one of my friends and her kids are allergic to chocolate. So, instead, I think I'll make the monkey orange or purple. Haven't decided which yet. Only problem there is I don't want to pump the kids full of a bunch of artificial food coloring. Oh well, I'll just use a little bit or maybe look for some more natural stuff. We'll see what I find. Hope it turns out. I haven't planned a party in a while.

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